“Every Wish Granted!”

What our guests are saying about our Beautiful Princess Castle…

I was at the New Years show last night with my 3 yr old daughter and was blown away!! What a fantastic event. The Princesses were so sweet to my little girl. Thank you for such an amazing experience!!

Rose D.

Fantasy Fables was an absolute magical experience for my children. Everything was more then what I expected, and I was so pleased with how organized, well planned and helpful they are on making the event as perfect as possible for my little ones! Words can’t express how happy and thankful I am. They helped out so much getting my event together with all my set up and making sure each guest was not left out! This is the best place every little girl needs to experience. Magical!!!!!!!!!

Ashley D

What a fabulous 5th birthday for my daughter with the real Princess Ariel today! It was wonderful! We couldn’t have asked for anything more than what she did for the kids today and she also had the most beautiful singing voice!

Melodie B

I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank you to all the staff that helped make my Daughters Birthday extra special this year.  Also Elsa and Anna were exceptional!!!  Myself, the other Mom’s and children were completely amazed at how wonderful they were.  We could not take our eyes off of them.  Not many people have the ability to make you feel even for a moment that we were a part of that movie and they captured that.  The show they put on together just cemented how I made the right choice to have both of them at the party.  They were absolutely fabulous together!

The help that I received setting up was fantastic.  I didn’t have to worry about anything that day but to just enjoy.  The gifts Sarah was given from Elsa was the topping on the cake.  Sarah treasures them.

Sarah was completely frozen…literally very shy, quiet, didn’t know what to expect next.  She was blown away by this party and I thank all of you who helped make her day a very, VERY special one.

She wants to return next year and I think that is a great idea!

Thank you so so much !!

Maria K.

I know you probably hear this all the time but I just wanted to send my deepest and sincerest Thank You. We celebrated Madison 6th Birthday over the weekend and everything was beyond my expectations. Your staff was wonderful and the party wouldn’t have run smoothly with out Tracey’s assistance.

Elsa was phenomenal and every birthday guest (even parents) were entranced by her. Madison’s dream came true when she got to sing on stage with Elsa. Thank you so much.

Best Wishes


We had my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday today at Fantasy Fables Ballroom and it was absolutely amazing!! From the beauty of the location, to the professionalism of the staff, to all the help and generosity…and of course Cinderella herself…it was fabulous. We had 14 incredibly happy little princesses and 1 handsome prince who loved every minute. We’ve been to Disney World twice with our girls and we always say that they know how to do everything right…the service, the details, the experience…and Fantasy Fables is no exception. It’s like having a piece of Disney World right here in Burlington! We are looking forward to attending some of their special events and can’t wait for our littlest to get old enough to have a party there too…she’s already talking about Ariel coming to her birthday when she turns 3 🙂 Thank you again Fantasy Fables for a wonderful party today!

Michela V

We had Cinderella for our daughter Abbys birthday at the beginning of dec./13 she was spectacular. ..beautiful…so good with the kids..never felt she was rushing to get out…we would totally do this again…such special memories for our little girl.

Joy P

We had Cinderella over today for Daniella’s birthday. The only word to describe is magical. I was in tears and my daughter and guest had a permanent smile. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Elizabeth C

We just celebrated our daughter Devinas 4th birthday this past Saturday. What an absolutely magical event! It was a dream come true for Devina! Everything was perfect from Princess Cinderella , the decor and stunning ballroom. The staff was wonderful! They were so friendly and accommodating made us feel right at home. Thank you so much Cindy for letting Devina be the first to have her birthday at Fantasy Fables Princess Ballroom and Boutique she truly felt like a Princess!

Rick and Sonia

I had Rapunzel come to my daughter’s 6th Birthday Party today and she was wonderful! She was sweet, kind and so patient with all the kids. They loved her so much! It was a fun and a nice touch to my daughter’s party…Thank-you so much!

Annalisa P

10+ would about sum it up!

The ballroom was magnificent and perfectly decorated.

The 2 hostesses were amazing. I felt like I should be helping them (as I am so used to doing), but they wouldn’t allow it!

And Elsa, well let’s just say Anya has been in a dream world ever since. She is psyched to have a new BFF named “Princess Elsa”

Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU for making her dreams come true!

All little princesses deserve a special birthday like this, I’m just glad my little princess actually got a chance to have one!


Mona S.

We just attended the New Year’s Eve Party at the princess ballroom and had a wonderful time! I have a 4 year old daughter and we just recently returned from Walt Disney World in FL. I say this in all seriousness, if you haven’t taken your little princess to FL yet, save your money and book an event at Fantasy Fables instead! Today we had a meet and greet with 8 princesses and Tinkerbell – time to talk with each one and pictures too. In FL we were able to meet and greet only two. The princesses here are as good as FL and actually today I must say – Ariel put Disney’s Ariel to shame. If my daughter does not choose Ariel for her 5th bday party I may have to have my own party! Thank you to each and every princess (and Tinkerbell too) for such a beautiful day that we will never forget.

Melissa R.